A legitimate participation to PION2019, abides the following rules:

  • A team consists of at most four students.
  • Both bachelor- and masterstudents are allowed.
  • A team with one or more masterstudents is a masterteam.

Rules and remarks about the competition:

  • It is not allowed to use any (study)books, notes, etc. other that BINAS and a dictionary.
  • It is not allowed to communicate (about the problems) via any means with anyone other than teammembers.
  • It is allowed to use a scientific, graphical calculator (Ti-83, Ti-84 or a similar model).
  • Mobile phones are tolerated, but can only be used for emergencies, during the duration of the competition.
  • The winner of PION2016 is the best team, with the most points. Two teams will get a ticket to PLANCKS: the best Dutch bachelorteam and the two best Dutch teams that is not the best bachelorteam.

In cases where these rules do not provide, the PION2019-committee will decide.